Product Packs-

PACKS - Packs with varying quantities of specific fasteners.
All one price.

Ford/MG/Land Rover New Old Stock
Rare and Obsolete Clips - Please Ring for Availability
New Products
Pen/Pencil Clips
Adhesives and Sealants
Consumables - Tapes/Tubing/Filters/Fluids etc.
Measuring Gauges
Tyre/Wheel Products
Boxes of assorted parts. Please contact us for Postage Prices as these vary.
Badge/Push-on Fixes
Battery Terminals and Wires
Bonnet Stay Clips
Bonnet Fastenings and Buffers
Brake / Fuel Hardware
Cable / Wiring Clips and Ties
Chassis/Saddle Clamps - Metal
Circlips/Linkage Clips - External/Internal/ 'E' Type and Retaining/Omega Rings
Clevis Pins
Control Cable / Rod Clips - Metal and Plastic
Door Trim Pad Clips
'Durable Dot' and 'Lift The Dot' Studs
Dust Covers,Boots and Gaiters
Edge Clips (including 'D' and 'S' types and Edge Panel Clips)
Edge / Tongue, Cable / Pipe Clips
Exhaust Manifold Studs, Nuts and Hardware
Eyelets and Rings
Grease Nipples
Grommets - Rubber/PVC
Hex Bolts and Set Screws
Hinges and Hinge Pins
Hog Rings and Hooks
Hose Clips
HT Cable/Terminals
Insulated/Bullet Terminals, Connectors
Latches and Studs
Miscellaneous Parts
Moulding Clips - Metal
Moulding Clips - Plastic
Moulding Clips - Miscellaneous
Moulding Clips - Reveal
Moulding Clips - Wire
Number Plate Fasteners/Lamps
Nuts - Various/Rivnut
'P' Clips - Metal/Plastic
Pipe Clips - Plastic
Pipe Connectors
Plug Button - Metal/Plastic
Push/Drive Rivets, Scrivets - Plastic
Quarter Turn Studs and Sockets
'R' Clips and Linch Pins
Rivets- Bifucated/Pop/Semi-tubular
Screws in Stainless Steel
Screws in Steel (Zinc/Chrome Plated)
Screws- Black
Screws- ACME Thread
Self-Sealing Plugs
Shims and Spacers
Snap-In Nuts- Nylon / Rubber
Spire Nuts- Cage type (including 'J' type)
Spire Nuts- 'J' type
Spire Nuts- 'U' type
Spire Nuts- expansion / flat/ cal/ lug/ anchor
'T' Bolts - Metal
'T' Nuts - Metal
Tenax Fasteners
Threaded Bar - UNC, UNF
Tool Clips
Trim Buttons, Studs and Fir Tree Buttons
Trim Fasteners - Miscellaneous
Washers - Flat/Spring/Cup/S-Proof/Tab - Metal/Plastic/Rubber/Fibre
Weatherseal Clips
Windscreen Washer Accessories
Wiring Loom Cable
Woodruff Keys
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WELCOME to Bresco Vehicle Services

Loughborough based Bresco Vehicle Services Limited, built from the ground-up as a family business, are leading suppliers of trim clips, fasteners and fixings. Primarily serving the classic car market for the last thirty years we have now expanded our product range to include clips for modern cars.
These products can be bought online through this website in small packs suitable for the individual car restorer / repairer. PACKS ARE PRICED at £7.49 (with varying quantities of the product).

We distribute all over the world. DELIVERY CHARGES (per order):
£2.95 within the UK (1st Class Post)
£7.95 for all other countries within the EU (1st Class Air Mail, Tracked and Signed)
£9.95 throughout the Rest of the World (1st Class Air Mail, Tracked and Signed)

VAT will be added as appropriate.

Please note: we do not store any credit card details and we do not share your details with other companies.

We are also in the process of adding new products called "KITS." These are fasteners for specific jobs on specific makes and models of cars. They include sufficient clips for one car. KITS have individual prices and delivery charges are as above (per order.)

Many of our products are suitable for general engineering purposes e.g. boat and aircraft building, air conditioning installation, etc. We are constantly expanding our product range- see the New Products Section.

So if you are looking for a particular fastener, select the required Product Section- see left for classic cars or right for modern cars. Alternatively use the search facility at the top of each page to narrow your search.
Please note that the makes and models mentioned in the product descriptions are not comprehensive as many of our fasteners and fixings serve a variety of purposes.
For advice please see the details on the 'Contact Us' page.

Shopping online couldn't be easier, just click here "How to shop online" for guidance.

Wholesale business is conducted through our sales office.

Moulding Clips (Metal & Plastic) · Badge Fixes · Captive Nuts
Edge Clips · Weatherseal Clips · Pipe/Cable & Hose Clips · Tenax Fasteners
‘T’ Bolts · Durable/Veltex Carpet Fasteners · Hood Clips

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Specialists in trim clips and fasteners for those restoring the following makes of classic cars:


Austin Morris · MG · Rover · Mercedes · Triumph · Jaguar · Ford · Lotus · Vauxhall · BMW
Rootes · Sunbeam · Riley · Volvo · Saab · Rolls Royce · Aston Martin · Fiat · Daimler
Reliant · Talbot · Bentley · Hillman · Singer · Humber · Standard · Lanchester · Alvis ·VW

Other Manufacturers

Although we have mentioned specific manufacturers of cars above many of our trim clips, fasteners and fixings are general purpose and suitable for the trimming and moulding of many other automotive manufacturers.

Contact Details

Bresco Vehicle Services Limited
Unit 14, Meadow Lane Industrial Estate
Gordon Road
LE11 1JP
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)1509 610834
Fax: +44 (0)1509 219196

Product Packs-

PACKS - Packs with varying quantities of specific fasteners.
All one price.

Universal Fastenings (i.e. various makes and models.) Also see the various generic sections under 'Classic Cars' e.g screws of all sizes, washers, nuts, adhesives and sealants etc
Fiat / Alfa Romeo / Lancia
Land Rover
Peugeot / Citroen
VW / Audi
Vauxhall / Opel

Product Kits

KITS - Fasteners for specific jobs on specific makes and models of cars. Sufficient clips for one car. Prices vary.

Comprehensive Kits- for use on a variety of Makes and Models
Austin Kits
BMC Kits
Ford Kits
Hillman Kits
Humber Kits
Jaguar Kits
MG Kits
Morris 1000 Kits
Rover Kits
Triumph Kits
Volkswagen Kits

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New Products

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